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Spherical panoramic images from around the world.

Canada: French River (Ontario):

Locations along the French River while camping and canoeing along the historic fur trader route of early French explorers.

Canada: Killarney Ontario Provincial Park

Panoramics from a hike up Silver Peak and from various spots along David Lake and Bell Lake while canoeing and camping. (park info)

Cambodia: ancient temples

Obtained while visiting the ancient temples near Siem Reap Cambodia.


Sights from a seven day yachting trip around the islands of Croatia starting from Split.

French Polynesia: Tahiti

Islands visited while sailing the islands of Tahiti

Thailand: Phang-nga Bay in the Andaman Sea

Islands visited while sailing the Gulf of Thailand, traveling clockwise from Phuket.

United States:

Spherical panoramic views from around the USA.